January 2019 - What's new in Fantoo?

Posted by Tom Irving on 22/01/19 13:59
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It's dangerously close to February already.

By now, the vast majority of us have failed in keeping our new year resolutions, and the seasonal credit card bills have probably just landed in your inboxes.

So, let us try and spread a little 2019 cheer for you.

We pushed out our latest update at the end of last week; here's what changed:


Fantoo now opens automatically when you start your PC/Mac up. Although we're confident this suits the vast majority of you (as daily users), we'll add a setting to make it easier to change this in the future.


Prior to this most recent update, if you closed Fantoo using the standard Windows/Mac control (i.e. X or red dot), Fantoo shut down totally. You told us this was annoying, and we agreed. If you do this now, Fantoo is minimised and will continue to run in the background.

If you want to close Fantoo altogether, there are a few ways to do it depending on your operating system; we think the easiest way is via the top menu within Fantoo (File > Quit).

IMPROVED Notification Badges

If you're not in Fantoo and you receive a new notification, you'll now see a red notification badge in your task bar. If you're a Windows user, you'll see a badge next to a convenient new tray icon, too.

Although we have to admit to getting a little bit too excited about this in the office, it's ultimately in place so you can spend less time hopping in and out to check for new messages.


disable notification popups

If you want to turn off the notification popups, now's your chance. You can now choose 'NO POPUPS' from within your settings.

We'll add at least one more option in this area later this year, so you can really tailor it further to your needs.


Custom apps became custom URLs

We renamed 'Custom Apps' to be 'Custom URLs' to reflect the fact they are different. When we add an app to Fantoo, it goes through a basic testing process, and we import an icon for it. Custom URLs don't benefit from this process - they are there for you to add sites/pages that are unique to you.

That all said, we review Fantoo's (anonymous) custom URL data regularly, and use it to plan the next apps to add to our store. Alternatively, you can request a new app here.



Alongside the normal bug fixes, we included a few small changes:

  • If you end your free trial and don't purchase a Fantoo licence, we've made the process a bit slicker
  • Slack's controversial new logo is live, and will filter through to your AppBar in the next few days

Coming Soon

Here's a sneak peak of what we're working on over the next few weeks:

  • Improved navigation (a 'home' option, and navigation controls in pop-out windows)
  • More company app analytics (Fantoo Business only)
  • Integration of password managers (starting with LastPass)
  • Notification pausing/muting (no popups or badges, just peace and quiet)
  • 25+ new apps including Instagram, Chargify, Wunderlist, and Typeform (here's the full list of the apps we support)


If you've not seen our latest prize draw, we think you should take 2 minutes to check it out.



New updates are pushed out to you automatically, so as long as you're connected to the internet, you'll be notified within 24 hours of them being available.

When an update is ready for you to use, you'll see this red icon above your settings cog. Click on this and you'll be given the option to restart Fantoo, so the update can take effect.


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Yours lovingly,


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