Introducing Our New Member of the Board of Directors: Adam Raeburn-James

Posted by Mary Ann Musni on 17/12/18 13:46

On  behalf of Fantoo, I am delighted to introduce our newly elected Member of the Board of Directors: Adam Raeburn-James. Adams brings decades of experience to the company and has a proven record of taking customer-centric healthcare companies  like Unilever and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to the next level. Adam  is a widely respected Global Technology Infrastructure and Collaboration Services  leader, most recently with Unilever.

Adam Raeburn-James

Prior to joining Unilever, he spent 27 years at GSK, where in his last position as SVP- Global Infrastructure Operations, he lead one of the largest deployments of Microsoft Office 365. He looked primarily after all IT infrastructure and the volume of data they were moving around was so vast that even some scientists at that time felt  there was no enough processing power to manage such big data nor a way to be able to move this data around quickly, it was then, that Adam felt the need to do something. He had seen a lot transformation in technology that helped them bring data into one place and worked on how they can leverage on it. He spearheaded GSK’s shift its agenda across the company to digital. During those times when other people saw its benefits very vaguely, he knew then that this new technology would drive different business processes.

He witnessed how technology ecosystem had changed a lot in 25 years, remained unfazed, he appreciated the opportunities that this culmination of technology was bringing.  He saw how AI worked on things, that human would normally do, but in a much higher pace.  For him, it’s all about data. Things move around data so they had to make use of what they’ve got and make better sense of the new data that comes in.

Up to the present, he believes in the power of automation and how to utilize it ruthlessly. From customer interaction to language recognition to the robust process of chat technology, (he really loves the chatting element, it’s functionality and reliability).  Automation takes out the boredom in the workplace so people can move on a more interesting stuff of a higher value.  It empowers people to be more productive by focusing on processes and steps that experts cannot put into system to automate.

“We are very excited to have someone of Adam’s calibre join our board of directors” stated Andre Boisvert, Fantoo’s Chairman of the Board. “We look forward to leveraging Adam’s extensive experience in deploying cloud based digital workplace environments across diverse employee populations and geographies.”

Commenting on his appointment, Adam Raeburn-James stated: “ I have passion for game changing technology, especially when it is in support of digital transformation. Fantoo’s technology squarely falls into this category and I look forward to working with my board colleagues and management.”

Fantoo Limited is the developer of an AI-driven cloud based solution which is revolutionizing the digital workplace and how users and businesses use their software as a service(SaaS) products whilst working efficiently in a world of information overload. Global analyst, Gartner, named Fantoo as a “cool vendor” in the digital workplace, a category which defines how people will work in the workplace of the future.

Adam’s joining the organization is a clear reflection that the company is ready to take on the future and fired up after another strong year of growth and successful customers. Fantoo is poised for major expansion and growth in 2019 and we’re excited what Adam’s unique experience can do for us. There is enormous opportunity for Fantoo that lies ahead, and we couldn’t be happier with Adam joining our family and helping us and our customers achieve continued success.

For additional details on the news please see our official press release.

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