December 2018 - What's new in Fantoo?

Posted by Tom Irving on 18/12/18 15:52
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Christmas might be around the corner, but it's been a busy fortnight for the team with upgrades aplenty.

We've pushed out our latest update on Friday; you'll get the latest changes as as soon as you close, then re-open Fantoo.

Here are the key changes in our latest release:


New Apps

We'd already built a library of the world's most used web apps, but we knew we could never stop there. In this release, we've added 30 new apps.

Some highlights include:

  • SEMrush (Search engine marketing)
  • Canva (Simple but beautiful graphic design)
  • Buffer & Hootsuite (Social media management)
  • (Task & project management)
  • Upwork (Find freelance workers to do almost anything)
  • YouTube (The worlds largest video platform)
  • Microsoft Sway (Slick presentations, a likely PowerPoint killer!)
  • Noisli (Our favourite ambient/white noise player, and it's free to use. Reach for the headphones and watch your productivity grow!)
As always, here's the full list of the apps we support.



Electron Upgrade

Electron is the technical framework at the heart of our Windows and Mac apps.

Until now, Fantoo was delivered to you on a slightly dated version of Electron. We're proudly using the latest and greatest version now.

The upgrade has helped fix a few bugs that were somewhat out of our control, and rectified some odd behaviour we'd all been seeing within specific apps.

Fantoo is faster than ever :)


As well as a few text changes to make life that bit easier, we fixed a few buggy bits:

  • There was a problem loading some pages in LinkedIn that's now fixed.
  • We removed the Office 365 app as it didn't actually do much - it was just a start page for the complete Office 365 suite. To counter that, we added some more of the specific apps within Office 365 itself, e.g. Sway and To Do.
  • If you're a HubSpot user, you'll have noticed that you were always being asked to log in every day. Not anymore!
  • You can now get to our support site from within the app. It was a bit mean of us not to include that in the first place.

Coming Soon

Here's a sneak peak of what we're working on over the next few weeks (post-mince pies):

New Apps

We'll never stop adding apps - there are too many great tools for us to include!

Next up we're looking at Instagram, Spotify, Bing, Harvest, Aha!, and Google Duo.


We're making it more obvious when you have a notification. We're also working on more flexible notification display,


It sucks that you have to start Fantoo up manually every time you start your computer up. That won't be the case for long; we're building in auto-startup for you.

App Analytics

If you're on our business plan, we're adding some more app analytics for you. In addition to a breakdown of how each app is used for, we'll be expanding into the number of users and the number of sessions. We're bringing you tangible data to help you analyse your company's SaaS landscape.




From all the team at Fantoo, we hope you have a lovely seasonal break and enjoy some well-deserved rest.

2019 is going to be a great year.


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